Scenen har visats på Grauman’s Chinese Theater på Hollywood Walk of Fame i Los Angeles, varit officiellt bidrag vid en Oscars-kvalificerande film festival och vunnit pris för bästa kortfilm i Hawaii och Uruguay.


Cinemantrix is an award winning production company that makes films all over the world

Features and shorts

Our films have been shown on US TV, in Times Square and before the Swedish Oscar submission. We have also won over 40 awards for our films and feature screenplays.

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We run a film and photo studio in the center of Stockholm and we love to help companies and other production companies with commercials and web videos.

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We have a variety of film courses and seminars about YouTube, film production, screenwriting and acting at our film studio in the center of Stockholm.

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  • Kevin Spacey

    The future accoring to Kevin Spacey

    Kevin Spacey is not only a talented actor, screenwriter and producer. He also knows where the TV- and film industry is heading. And
  • Like Me

    We wrap production on Like me

    We have just wrapped production on our latest film, the feature Like Me. The cast include Lukas Loughran, Maija Waris, Kola Krauze, Ingela
  • politican_valentines_day_in_us_37567

    Manusfinalist på Beverly Hills Film Festival

    Det är dags för Champagne igen! Jag har blivit utvald som finalist på Beverly Hills Film Festival för mitt långfilmsmanus Commander in Love.
  • dont judge too quickly

    Effective commercials

    I know how hard it is to make a good commercial. It doesn’t help if you throw money and stars at the problem.
  • gandalf eagles

    How not to end your screenplay

    You want the ending of a screenplay to be satisfying. You want the hero to overcome great obstacles to succeed in the end.
  • flight

    How to write a good scene

    It is harder than you think to write a good scene. There are always one or two scenes in your screenplay that just
  • brad-chanel

    Chanel 5 Brad Pitt parodies

    A few months ago I wrote about good and bad commercials and I pointed out one particular bad one. It was the Chanel
  • Santa_Lucky

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry christmas and a happy new year! Trends in commercials come and go. Lucky for us, this one isn’t likely to come back.
  • The Hobbit

    Free IMAX-preview of The Hobbit

    Want to see a IMAX-preview of the Hobbit before it has been released? On Tuesday, Dec. 11, three days before the official release,
  • bahamas

    Next stop Bahamas

    About a week ago, we won honorable mention and Johanna Tschig won the Best Actress award at the Milwaukee Short Film Festival. Now,
  • Fredrik furu binder hander

    Sucker punches and homemade buns

    Music videos are fun to do. You get to experiment with form and storytelling and it is often very liberating. We have made
  • Johanna tittar scen 2

    Johanna Tschig wins Best Actress award

    Johanna Tschig has been honored at the Milwaukee Short Film Festival with a Best Actress award for her performance in our film Act
  • will-ferrell-anything

    Funny commercials, boring commercials

    In the final days before the US election, both candidates scramble to get out the vote. And they enlist the help of everyone
  • 1-brad-pitt-anuncia-channel

    Good and bad commercials

    Taste in commercials are, just like taste in films, subjective. Some like certain commercials, others like others commercials. And just like everone else,
  • Mammas pojke BTS-10

    Cinemantrix showreel: updated!

    We’ve made quite a few films during the last few years – shorts, documenatries, music videos and commercials. And our showreel hasn’t really
  • Jonas-toppen-trappor

    Hans and Jonas – a long collaboration

    I’ve worked with Jonas Larsson for many years. We both started in the theater and Jonas was one of the lead actors in
  • politican_valentines_day_in_us_37567

    Screenwriting award for political script

    It’s the season for political scripts. There are the shows Veep and Political Animals running on TV in America. There’s the TV movie

    Q&A and Screening of Ruby Sparks

    This is one of those must attend events that I can really recommend in LA. It’s a screening followed by a Q&A with
  • How to Promote your Films and Win Awards

    By the time of this post, our films have received almost 20 awards. It started fairly recently. About a year ago, I won
  • How to write Screenplays – my writing process

    I have written four screenplays. The last two have won awards and one is in development in Los Angeles. And I’m working on my fifth.